Construction of potable water and rain water drainage networks and a solid waste collection campaign in Al-Nahrawan Informal Settlement in Mosul

Country Program: RIRP (Iraq)

Partner: UN-Habitat

Duration: 15.09.2017-30.06.2019

Cluster: WASH

Our recently completed UN-Habitat funded WASH-project in Mosul included the realisation of a garbage collection campaign to clean the streets in the targeted neighbourhoods from solid waste, collect garbage from the households, distribute garbage containers within the neighbourhoods and safely dispose of the collected garbage in official landfills. These measures will contribute to a clean and healthy environment, reduce the risk of epidemic outbreaks and protect the health of the targeted communities. It further comprised the construction of potable water and rain water drainage networks to provide safe and potable water to the families residing in the Hay Al-Tanak neighbourhood and guarantee a safe discharge of rain water and avoid flooding.