All projects are planned, directed and monitored by the RRI Project Management Board (PMB). The PMB is led by the RRI directors: Arndt Fritsche and Nadine Flache who are both the organizations central authorities and contact persons for  all stakeholders. 

The PMB further includes experts from human resources, finance, logistics and health and safety fields. On-site Project Managers lead and supervise the project implementation and report the project progress to the PMB on a daily basis. Representatives of the PMB visit the project site periodically. 

Our administrative headquarter is based in Berlin with Head of Mission and Program Management being located in Baghdad and Damascus to guarantee professional project planning, implementation and close monitoring and evaluation of every intervention. 

RRI has strong and well-established networks and stable relations to local and regional authorities and decision makers in Iraq and Syria, which allows us to provide excellent services and to mobilize our resources and capacities with flexibility and in a timely manner.