RIRP was our first and currently our longest running country program and was started in 2003 as a purely emergency assistance program to relieve the most war affected and displaced families. We provided and distributed urgently needed and lifesaving food rations, core relief items, realized water trucking in the hardest hit communities and installed temporary shelters within formal and informal IDP settlements. Following the gradual stabilization of the country we started to provide more sustainable humanitarian assistance, such as the rehabilitation of basic public infrastructure and long-term shelters, the provision of education programs for out of school children, and capacity building training to support governmental structures in their recovery process. During the recent war against ISIL, RIRP initiated numerous emergency response projects to meet the basic needs of displaced families and ensure their survival. 

Following the end of the armed conflict in most regions within Iraq, the gradual stabilization of the country and the significant returns movements in the past year, our focus is shifting more towards resilience and sustainable solutions.  We envisage creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for vulnerable communities by building up capacities and creating job opportunities and income sources for conflict affected people. By addressing the high unemployment rate among young people in both rural and urban areas, which is a key driving factor for food and nutrition insecurity in Iraq and puts many young people at risk of falling into a spiral of violence, RIRP contributes to the recovery of this conflict affected society.


RSRP is our second country program and was initiated in 2017, as a response to the Syrian crisis. We are implementing emergency response programs in conflict affected and hard-to-reach-areas, to help assist the families in need and ensure their survival. RSRP has an additional focus on delivering educational support for out-of-school children, expanding access to learning and psycho-social support and strengthening social cohesion and peace building – these measures will help to restore hope for the future.


RYRP will be our country program for Yemen. We are currently preparing all the necessary steps to enter the country and have access to the Sanaa Region, which is severely affected by violence and armed conflict and has caused extreme suffering among the civil population. We expect to start with our first emergency response program in Yemen by the end of 2020.


RLRP will be our in-country program for Libya. It is currently under the planning process and it is expected to be initiated by end of 2020.