Commitment to Transparency

Trust is of paramount importance for actors involved in the humanitarian aid sector and complete transparency is a key factor in building and maintaining that trust. Therefore, transparency in regards to our work and projects, political viewpoint and use of donated funds is extremely important in maintaining that trustworthy position.
Herein, we disclose the objectives of our organization, origin of funding, use of those funds and the decision making process behind it. This site provides you with information in accordance with the 10-point plan elaborated by Transparency International Deutschland e.V. 

1. Organisation
Rebuild and Relief International gGmbH (RRI NGO) 
Haubachstraße 33
10585 Berlin
Founding Year: 2009


2. Constitution, Mission Statement, Code of Conduct
a. Constitution 2010
b. Constitution 2013
c. Certificate of Registration (Handelsregisterauszug)
d. Mission Statement
e. Code of Conduct


3. Notice of Exemption (Freistellungsbescheid)
f. Fiscal Authority: Finanzamt für Körperschaften I Berlin
g. Tax Number: 27/602/55246
h. Date: 01.10.2014
i. Period: 2012
j. Copy Notice of Exemption for 2012


4. Management Board
Director (Geschäftsführer): Nadine Fritsche (Program Manager) and Arndt Fritsche (Heads of Mission)
Supervisory Board (Aufsichtsrat): Prof. Dr. iur. Chrisitan Bernzen; Johannes Kahrs; Reinhold Robbe
The above mentioned attend the company’s general meeting (Gesellschafterversammlung).


5. Past Performance Record 2013, 2014 and 2015

No. Project Title Year Budget (in USD) Partner
1 Construction of new 455 shelter units for returnees in Baghdad 2013 $4.293.638,00 UNHCR
2 Construction of 100 new shelter units, 10 water projects (wells and reverse osmosis system) and assistance to 8 IDP settlements in the Central Region 2013 $2.288.099,00 UNHCR
3 Construction of 55 shelters units, Implementation of 5 RO projects and Assistance for 3 IDP settlements in Baghdad 2014 1.366.640.900 IQD UNHCR
4 Construction of 126 new shelters units for returnees in Diyala 2014 1.608.108.426 IQD UNHCR
5 Rehabilitation of 70 Collective Centers for new IDPs (50 in Baghdad, 20 in Wassit) 2014 1.366.568.190 IQD UNHCR
6 Emergency WASH intervention for IDP formal and informal settlements in Iraq 2014 1.275.931.200 IQD UNICEF
7 Immediate assistance to improve the drinking water supply through drinking water treatment and construction of drinking water wells in Al Najaf, Iraq 2014 322.602,07 € German Humanitarian Assistance
8 Supplying winter clothing for Christians IDPs supported by Mar-Joseph church, Al Mansur/ Baghdad, Iraq 2014 11.980.250 IQD German Embassy in Baghdad
9 Supplying winter clothing and essential items for the Orphanage House for Females in Aladhamya/ Baghdad, Iraq 2014 11.953.600 IQD German Embassy in Baghdad
10 Construction of 125 New Shelter Units for Returnees in Diyala 2015 1.287.086 USD UNHCR
11 Construction of 80 New Shelter Units for Internally Dis-places Persons (IDPs) in Baghdad Governorate 2015 4.480.448 USD UNHCR
12 Provision and Installation of sustainable prefabricated shelter units (Caravans) including sanitary facilities and Infrastructure in Poultry Farm Locations in Kerbala Gov-ernorate 2015 3.051.867 USD Un-Habitat
13 Emergency WASH intervention for IDP informal settlements and collective centers in Iraq 2015 2.982.148 USD UNICEF
14 WASH Assistance in Al Anbar and Salah Al-Din for IDPs and Returnees 2015 746.089 USD UN-Ocha
15 Construction of 10 Wells and RO System in Al Anbar 2015 495.012 € German Humanitarian Assistance
16 Education intervention for IDP informal settlements and collective centers in Iraq 2015 237.192 USD UNICEF
17 Distribution of RRM Kits for vulnerable IDPs 2015 634.2480 USD UNICEF
18 Winterization 2015 228.427 USD UNICEF


As the chart shows, RRI realised 18 main projects in 2013, 2014 and 2015. We constructed over 1000 shelter units for refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons and we built over 40 wells/reverse osmosis systems to enable access to fresh water for drinking and sanitary facilities.
Due to continuous outbreaks of violence, Iraq has been facing many years of humanitarian crisis. The number of refugees and people of concern totalled 1.656.710 individuals in 2012, however, in 2013 the number decreased to 1.450.570 persons but in 2014 the number once again rose to a total of 2.123.340 individuals (Source: UNHCR, IOM Iraq).
Shelter and water remain as the top priority needs of the refugees and returnees, next to work opportunities, non-food items, food and provision of health measures.
The overall objective of our work was to contribute to the humanitarian needs of the people of concern within Iraq and to assist in improving their quality of life. On the one hand we focused on durable housing solutions for returnees within their places of origin and on the other we improved the living conditions for refugees and IDPs through shelter repairs, improving the supply of drinking water and sanitary conditions (wells and reverse osmosis systems) as well as garbage collection and land levelling to improve the hygiene situation, thereby, we focused on critical areas that would benefit the most from these systems. The purpose of these projects was to help develop sustainable solutions by improving the living conditions of the affected population and to target the immediate needs of each IDP camp and all projects were implemented in accordance with UN guidelines. Local councils and governmental entities work in close collaboration with RRI to assure that there will be no conflict regarding the ownership of the land or shelters and in providing the legal support for the rehabilitation.

Please find more information about the projects in our Annual Report 2012/ 2013  Annual Report 2014 and in the Annual Report 2015 .


6. Employees in 2015
Full time employees:
35 employees for UNHCR project
14 employees for UNICEF Project
1 employee for Office Administration
1 employee for Public Relations

6-10 for UNICEF Project
6 for Project with Federal Foreign Office Germany


7./8. Sources of funds / Application of funds
For 2013, RRI NGO received a total of 6,681,737.00 US Dollars funding from UNHCR for the construction of over 500 shelter units, 10 water projects and assistance to 8 IDP settlements in Baghdad and central Iraq. In 2014, RRI NGO received a total of,48 IQD (equates to about 5.225.213 €) funding for humanitarian aid projects.

You will find additional Information concerning RRI NGO finances in the annual financial report.
Financial Report 2012 .
Finanical Report 2013 .
Finanical Report 2014 .
We ask for your understanding, that we can not yet provide the financial report for 2015 as it is being currently audited.


In 2015, RRI NGO received a total of 14.217.285,50 USD funding for humanitarian aid projects. The donors were UNHCR, UNICEF, UN-Habitat, UN-Ocha, the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and the German Embassy in Baghdad. 

Over three quarter of the funds were spent directly on humanitarian aid. Only about 20% of the money was used to run the organization, which includes the payment of salaries, lease payment for office premises and security measures. Money allocated in the overhead cash register serves as a reserve fund for emergency actions and covers the NGO’s operational management procedures. Moreover this money is used to contribute to certain projects, in which the partner expect an own contribution.

The exchange rates that have been used for the calculations are:
1 USD = 1200 IQD
1 USD = 0,9 EUR






9. Contribution of Capital 
The capital fund of the organization amounts to 25.000,00 EUR.
Nadine Fritsche owns 50 % of the capital fund (12.500 EUR).
Arndt Fritsche owns 50% of the capital fund (12.500 EUR).

10. Donor
Amongst others we work as an UN-Implementing partner and receive funds from UN-Organizations such as, UNHCR and UNICEF.
In the financial report we give detailed information concerning how funds are received and utilised.