Supplying Winter Clothes in Baghdad Governorate

The onset of winter causes multiple problems for vulnerable and indigent people within Iraq and for this reason, RIRP with funding from the German Embassy, implemented two projects by providing support and assistance in preparation for the upcoming cold months. RIRP procured goods according to the needs of the vulnerable groups and ensured that the donor received the best value for money in items purchased.

The first project was supporting Christian IDP’s in Baghdad, who fled Northern Iraq due to the threat of ISIS. Mar-Joseph Church is doing its best to support the families who are living in the surrounding area, where many of the IDP’s are hosted by relatives or even in the church itself.

The second project concentrated on supporting the women living in the orphanage in Al Adhamiya. Girls and women finding shelter in the orphanage are either abandoned by their families for numerous reasons or the family is not able or willing to take care of them.

For these people, RIRP purchased winter clothing, in addition to, hygiene items, basic electronics and furniture from local suppliers. Following the procurement of the goods, RIRP prepared and delivered one box for each of the 85 beneficiary families of the Mar-Joseph church.
Moreover the orphanage management asked for some badly needed items such as; carpets, a washing machine, eight heaters as well as a vacuum cleaner and using the remaining funds these items were also purchased and delivered.

The refugees from the North have been through a lot of hardship and are still struggling now in trying to feed and support their families. The church, above all their pastor, is trying to give them the mental and financial support they need. The girls and young women at the orphanage appreciated the support greatly and were very happy to receive individual parcels containing new clothes. Many of them are teenagers and for once they felt like other girls their age enjoying their new possessions.

It is important to mention that all of the selected suppliers were very supportive and offered additional discounts to support the projects. In this regards, special thanks goes to Al Wakeel and Al Kouch shop for clothes as well as Anajat Supermarket and Almansur gallery for electronics and Ahmed gallery for furniture.

Enabled by the financial support of the German Embassy in Baghdad, RIRP is very proud to support the pastor of Mar-Joseph as well as the management of the orphanage.

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