RIRP Nes Dar Al-Hanan orphanage and disability centre

Dar Al-Hanan orphanage and disability centre

RIRP is currently researching the orphanages located in Baghdad, Iraq, with the intention of addressing the needs of the orphans and especially the disabled orphans situated in Dar Al Hanan.
The orphanages are in desperate need of new buildings, major rehabilitation work, non-food items (NFI’s), such as, medical mattresses, western style toilets, carpet, water heaters, vacuum cleaners, medical beds, and equipment and tools to help develop the minds of the children.
The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs are responsible for the orphanages within Iraq, and they fund the running with weekly grants of approximately $4000, this is just enough to feed and clothe the children, but leave nothing for equipment and supplies or upkeep of the orphanage. The main orphanage Dar Al Hanan is located in Al-Utaifiya, Baghdad and this opened in 1982 and is the only orphanage dealing with disabled children. The remaining institutions are located in the following places:

  1. Dar Al-Tofola- in Al-Salhiya district
  2. Dar Al-Adhamiya for orphan in Al-Adhamiya district
  3. Dar Al-Elwiya in Al-Karada district
  4. Dar Al-Waziriya in Al-Waziriya district (the worst) 

Some orphanages will only accept the 6-12 year old orphans, while others from 12-18 year old, they are allowed to attend public school when they reach 18 years old. Some of them get government work with a salary of approximately $120 per month and some return home to relatives and family.

Dar Al Hanan orphanage is the best one in Baghdad, with mixed male and female residents, however, once the males reach 16 years old they are moved to another orphanage in Karbala governorate because there is no building for them in Baghdad. There are more than 100 disabled orphans distributed in 8 rooms.
Each room has a bathroom that contains:
Two showers that are unsuitable for disabled people, usually they have to be washed lying on a table, simple hand washbasin and two oriental style toilets that disabled children cannot use, the manager of the orphanage used her own money to purchase chairs.
RIRP will continue to research further into the plight of the orphaned children, and address these problems and shortages in supplies, where we can.

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