Progress Report, January 2016


Installation of temporary shelters in Kerbala

One of our current projects in Iraq is the provision and installation of 406 sustainable prefabricated shelter units in Kerbala Governorate in cooperation with Un-Habitat. The project started in October 2015 and currently the installation works are 50% complete.
The shelter complex is located between Kerbala and Najaf governorates, specifically on an area known as Poultry Farms complex.

From May on these shelters will accommodate over 2400 people. They are IDP’s from Tal Afar (Nineveh Province, North Iraq) who had to flee from their homes due to the reign of terror inflicted by ISIS. Most of them have lost everything and are dependent on humanitarian aid. They need not only shelter, but also require food assistance, provision of basic non-food items and health services.
Our responsibility to this project is to provide and install the shelter units and to construct sufficient infrastructure, to enable a sanitary environment for the inhabitants of the complex.



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