Opening Ceremony in Al-Najaf


On 28th March 2015, the wells and water treatment installations in Al Najaf, constructed by RIRP with funds from the German Humanitarian Assistance, were inaugurated. The project is a great success and receives a lot of appreciation from the local community and the beneficiaries, who are deeply grateful for the access to clean drinking water.

Due to the occupation and atrocities being committed by ISIS, the security situation continues to deteriorate inside Iraq. As a direct consequence of their actions, many of the inhabitants of the affected regions are fleeing their homes and transiting to safer areas. This migration has resulted in many informal settlements being established with little or no infrastructure or basic human needs being provided.Today there are approximately 2 million Iraqis displaced, most of them living under very difficult circumstances. These people live with immense vulnerabilities due to limited access to basic assistance and protection. One major problem facing these people is the sufficient supply of potable/clean water, which in turn, causes widespread sanitation and hygiene issues.

In 2014, the area around Al Najaf became a place of refuge for over 80,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s). Most of them came from northern Iraq from places such as, Mosul, Tal Afar and Salah ad-Din. Today, approximately 40,000 IDP’s live in mosques and informal settlements alongside the Karbala Road, Najaf Province. Our project targeted the acute shortage of potable/clean water, from which these people are suffering, with the construction of 10 wells and installation of the reverse osmosis systems. The construction work started in December 2014 and required 4 months to complete, with water from each system being tested for quality at government laboratories. Each RO station is capable of producing 1 cubic-meter of water per hour and secures the water supply for the people living alongside Karbala main highway.

On the 28th March, a grand opening ceremony took place in which the installations were presented and the wells and water treatment plants were put into operation. During this time, RIRP engineer Yaser Ghazi explained the technical details and gave advice on how to maintain the treatment plants. Among others, the ceremony was attended by Al-Najaf governorate’s representative Mr. Amer Shaheed, MODM representative Mr. Ali and the IDP’s representative Mr. Mohammed Hasan. All of them expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the construction of the water systems and it was also a great opportunity to exchange and communicate needs and experiences.
RIRP is very pleased by the gratitude shown, as it reassures us that the work, funded by the German Humanitarian Assistance of the Federal Foreign Office, was a great success and helps those people in need.

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