Monitoring and Evaluation / Surveys

M&E of In Kind Grants (IKG) Projects: Workshop for car tyres

RRI assists international organisations in monitoring and evaluating their on-going or intended projects (through local surveys and feasibility studies). Monitoring and evaluation of assistance and reconstruction projects is essential to ensure that the great human and financial efforts invested in local projects, prove efficient and target-oriented. Within a harsh environment such as Iraq it is highly important to collect information that enables managerial decisions to be made in relation to the project, and use the information to make changes and improvements.

The aim of monitoring activities is to provide project management as well as key stakeholders with early indications of (potential) problems or changes in the achievement of project objectives. It provides the basis for corrective actions and for the improvement of the project design. RRI’s monitoring activities aim to answer questions such as, will the project fulfil its targets, are the appropriate groups being targeted and if the objectives and goals of the project remain valid in reference to the project environment.


Evaluation activities

M&E of IKG Projects, Water pumps, Basra

RRI evaluation activities focus on relevance, performance and issues requiring decisions and actions. They provide early signs of potential impact and sustainability of results and recommendations for follow-up activities, e.g., second phase of a project. The aim of any evaluation is to systematically compare the actual project impacts with the target impacts expected at the time of the project appraisal. Surveys and feasibility studies of certain regions and intended projects also contribute to reach best-possible project results.

RIRP has already successfully completed multiple evaluation and survey tasks in Iraq from 2004 - 2014. A short selection which provides an overview of area of activities and locations is given below: