Capacity Building/ Staffing/ Training

Training (TBSs) and midwifes), Diyala, 2008
Training (TBSs) and midwifes, Diyala, 2008

Since the establishment of RIRP it was always the aim of this program to encourage and help Iraqis find employment. Since early 2004, RIRP established a database containing information on Iraqi candidates; this database contains their CV’s, information about their vocational training and work experience and additional skills and abilities. The RIRP candidate pool contains technicians, engineers, sales people, specialists and executives from nearly every branch. Companies and organisations that are seeking qualified local staff, can gain access to the RIRP candidate database.
To choose the right specialist, RIRP matches the qualifications of the candidates with the personnel needs of the clients and organisations; we also make suggestions concerning the staff. RIRP selects suitable candidates by arranging interviews to recheck the qualifications and information in the database, additionally, RIRP provides training, to empower human resources and build their capacities to strengthen the civil society as well as the local structures.

Information breeds Confidence - Silence breeds fear

In a time of crisis we want our employees to feel confident and self-assured in their actions, so they can be of assistance and not pose an additional burden to the authorities handling the situation. Regular drills and information briefings are essential to achieve this goal. All training and security specifics are delivered in the native language of the work force and in English to ensure thorough and full comprehension.
RRI’s training activities include, but are not limited to: primary health care, project and business management, writing reports and proposals, shelter rehabilitation as well as training in connection with the provision of In Kind Grants.

RRI employs a strict security code and does not employ armed personal security details, unless, expressly asked for and deemed necessary and agreed to, by all contract partners. We regularly inform our work crew about theatre and political issues and the general theatre status as well as special incidents. It is our firm belief, and moral obligation to enable our work force to make informed decisions at all times, hence having created a highly loyal and committed work force as a result.