Kareema and Noor

It is of great importance to us to share with you the story of Kareema and her 12 year old daughter Noor, that it was our pleasure to meet during our construction work in Al Rasheed.

When we first met Kareema and Noor, they were living under incredibly poor conditions, their home seemed like it could break apart at any moment due to numerous and massive cracks in the walls.Mother and daughter were living in constant fear that the roof would collapse and bury them underneath.

Another unfortunate stroke of fate was the recent death of their beloved husband and father. This huge loss not only caused emotional turmoil and distress but also led to further worries concerning social and financial troubles that they would have to fight through alone.

During our encounter with Kareema and her daughter we also learned that Noor suffers from mental and physical disabilities, she is unable to walk on her feet and has to rely on crawling around on all fours. Hadeel, our female engineer, spent a great deal of her free time talking to Kareema and Noor and a beautiful friendship blossomed, Hadeel found out that Noor had never experienced a birthday party and took it upon herself to arrange gifts and a cake for her upcoming birthday. Noor was so overwhelmed by the occasion, the simple gifts and birthday cake with her name inscribed made her birthday all the more memorable.

Today Kareema and Noor are living in a RIRP shelter. They no longer have to worry about a safe home in which to live in. We are extremely proud of being able to bring a little help to this family and having found a gorgeous, cheerful young girl as our friend.  

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