German Media covering Iraq crisis – RIRP experts are giving their inside view


Due to the ISIL offensive that started in June and the earlier Anbar crisis at the beginning of this year, the security situation within Iraq and the bordering countries continues to deteriorate on a daily basis. The humanitarian crisis has increased as numerous people fearing for their lives, are forced to flee their homes. These internal and externally displaced people are without basic requirements and the need for shelter, food and health care is desperately needed.

International media is covering the ongoing situation and produces daily reports on the development and the conditions within Iraq. RIRP’s management was also interviewed by the media and reported on their experiences as a humanitarian aid organization. The following link includes an audio interview of project manager Nadine Fritsche for the German radio station WDR 5. In this interview Nadine answered questions on the problems and difficulties RIRP has to face while operating in Iraq.

Additionally, the German news channel ARD requested that RIRP give their insight on the current situation in Baghdad and the conflict between Shia and Sunni. Head of Mission, Arndt Fritsche explained that the radical groups are forcing their fundamental views on the people. The great majority of Iraqis want to live in peace regardless of religious affiliation. He also stated that the situation in Iraq has once again reached a high peak in violence and uncertainty. These circumstances make the work of aid organizations, such as RIRP, more difficult and at the same time extremely urgent.

Both interviews are in German language.

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