The children of Al-Suwaira


Sorrow - an emotion that children should never have

During a recent project in Al-Suwaira (Kut Governorate), RIRP witnessed a particular moving and sorrowful event, that was hard to fathom how this could occur in today’s society. A family of nine children between the ages of 4 to 13 years old were living alone in a temporary shelter on the verge of collapse.

Their father has been killed by a criminal gang and their mother had left the children to fend for themselves following the murder of her husband, and she had moved back in with her parents in Al Madaan area.

Having been left to their own devices following the departure of their mother, the children were being forced to live in horrible conditions and with the threat of eviction hanging over their heads. The eldest brother was employed at a farm close to the village, in order to provide for his younger siblings and the meagre daily wages were never sufficient for their basic needs and requirements. The standard of living was horrific and the circumstances that the children had to endure, prevented them from continuing their education as food, warmth and permanent shelter took priority. The family were entirely dependent on the kind nature of neighbours who occasionally donated used clothes, firewood and the leftover food from their own table.

Witnessing the poor fate of these children, RIRP was in the fortunate position to provide them with a new and secure shelter without threat of eviction. RIRP was so thankful that we could help solve one big problem for the family.

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