Al-Secha IDP Camp-Baghdad 2012

A joint UNHCR & RIRP Project

Rehabilitation Project for Al-Secha Camp

Most cases of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) occurred during 2006 and has since reduced considerably following 2008 and 2009. Trends of decreased violence and a declining rate of displacement still continue throughout the country. However, displacement still continues to occur in some locations. Many IDP’s returning to their original homes are experiencing deteriorating conditions in their place of return and finding life extremely difficult.
The Iraqi civilian population continues to live with massive vulnerabilities due to the lack of access to adequate basic assistance and protection. Humanitarian assistance to Iraqis has become one of the largest and most complex humanitarian operations in the world.

Al-Secha Camp is made up of 140 shelters which house 170 families; Al-Secha Camp is situated in the Sheikh Maroof region of Baghdad, Iraq. The camp was created in late 2003 following the fall of the former regime and the US led invasion; this resulted in Iraqi personnel being displaced from their original homes, due to security issues and the dangers faced in staying there.

Projects objectives:

• Garbage collection
• Coostruction  of garbage containers
• Installation of 1000l water tanks
• Land levveling
• Road construction, using sub-base, graders and compactors 
• Distribution of NFI (non food items)
• Minor shelter rehabilitation including sandwich panel roof, new doors, windows, electrical and sanatary work


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